All-In Discipleship


Why be an All-In Disciple?

We are just responding to God, who loved us first. We don’t try to earn His love or merit reward, especially heaven. God already loved us! Our love for Christ makes us look for ways to show our love for Him.

How does All-in Discipleship work?

Our love for Christ may not know which way to go. All-in Discipleship shows us the path! It’s specific steps we can take to grow in our Christian walk.

This Initiative has three parts to help you know which steps to take.

  • Learning Modules – These self-paced, biblically-based units walk you through the Seven Habits of disciples for Christ.
  • Group Discussions – These are opportunities to gather with other believers to discuss further questions you may have about the Seven Habits.
  • All-in Guides – These are real-live, fellow sojourners with you, who are taking steps to grow in their faith. They’re not perfect; they’ve just started down the path ahead of you on a trail blazed by Christ Himself!

What are the Seven Habits?

  • Worship — Demonstrating our loyalty to God and receiving His gifts when we gather in worship
  • Study — Learning the grace and wisdom of God’s Word
  • Witness — Sharpening our skills to share the Good News!
  • Prayer — Speaking to God as our Father
  • Service — Using our gifts and talents to serve God, the church and the world
  • Generosity — Giving in trust and love—and love!
  • Encouragement — Nurturing a healthy spiritual climate
More information about All-In Discipleship will be coming soon!