All-In Discipleship Covenant

Having been touched by God’s love, All-in Disciples are believers following a path to grow toward greater Christian maturity and service to fulfill God’s mission here at St. Lucas and beyond.

Are you ready to be all-in?

All-in disciples:

  • Have experienced God’s love in Christ; they know and understand the Gospel.
    • Think about their relationship with God as personal, intimate, and fatherly.
    • Know that what we do for God is done in gratitude, not to earn favor or reward.
  • Are not super Christians; they are growing disciples who are willing to;
    • Keep learning what the Bible says about His will for Christian living.
    • Take deliberate steps on the path to growth.
    • Are willing to receive guidance for growth areas without taking offense.
  • See themselves on the team with other All-in Disciples at St. Lucas to move the congregation to fulfill its God-given calling in a greater way.
    • Share with others what it means to be All-in.
    • Influence the ministry of St. Lucas in positive way.

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