All-In Discipleship Start

The Path!

This discipleship initiative has three parts to help you take steps forward on the path to great spiritual maturity. This path, based on the Bible, will challenge you to think in different ways and to even change long-standing habits in your faith walk. Change can be good!

  • Learning Modules – Below is a list of self-paced Learning Modules that will walk you through the seven habits of “All-In” disciples for Christ. To start at the beginning, click on the Get Started Button at the bottom. This will lead you through all seven modules starting with Worship, or feel free to go through these modules in any order you like by selecting any of the links below.  The modules are also available as a printable PDF resource if you prefer. Simply select the “View/Download as PDF” button below.  After each module, you will be given the option to register your completion of it with our All-in Discipleship Team.
  • Group Discussions– Click here if you are ready to attend a discussion session with other disciples to review and answer additional questions you may have. Currently scheduled discussions are found on this page.
  • All-in Guides – Click here if you would like to connect to a Guide.  These are real-live, fellow sojourners with you, who are taking steps to grow in their faith.  They’re not perfect; they’ve just started down the path ahead of you on a trail blazed by Christ Himself!

Let’s go!

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