Bible Studies

Sunday Mornings – 9:15am

Adult Bible Study

Topic: Phillipians: Epistle of Joy
Hosted by: Pastor Larson
Where: St. Lucas Education Building in the multi-purpose room.  

Of the letters that St. Paul wrote to the churches, this one is the most joyful and happy. Why was Paul so pleased? Why did the people of Philippi have so much joy? Join us for this new class for our Sunday morning Bible Class at 9:15 to discover their source of joy, beginning September 10th. Please join us!

9th – 12th Grade Youth Bible Class
Topic: The Greats of the Faith
Hosted by: Tyler Simmons and Travis Lawson
Where: Youth Room located on the lower level of the church. All high school youth are invited to attend.

This Fall St. Lucas Youth Fellowship will be exploring some of the Greats of the Faith, and the ways God worked in their lives to “shatter the spear and the bow”. Our monthly focuses will be September: The Courage of King David, October: The Tenacity of Martin Luther, November: The Strength of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Our studies are focused on seeing the way that people who have gone before us have found the strength to stand through tremendous trials by keeping their confidence in God. This walk through of our predecessors in the faith aims to give us confidence to share the life saving Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world around us. We love new faces and are excited for you to join us!