Approved Special Projects for St. Lucas

We praise God that the members of St. Lucas have generously supported the Parking Lot Campaign.  The project is complete!

In addition, we have received sufficient donations and pledges to cover the cost.  Therefore, no additional funds are needed.  However, the Council approved the list of projects below, which you may choose to support, especially if you did not have the opportunity to participate in the Parking Lot Campaign. The Church Council will select which projects to complete, based on priority and the availability of funds to cover their cost.

  • Replace restroom partitions Completed!
  • Replace belltower and front stairway windows
  • Replace the courtyard windows Completed!
  • Clean and seal the statue of Jesus in the courtyard Completed!
  • New dishwasher
  • Replace the basement (old office area) outdoor A/C condenser unit
  • Rewire back parking lot light fixture
  • New basement windows
  • New courtyard sidewalk concrete and planting area edging
  • Gym ventilation fans
  • New balcony and nave microphones
  • New gym entry doors (two double doors in hallway) Has already been funded by Slovak Fest proceeds.