Health & Safety Guidelines

When attending in-person worship, worshippers should observe the following measures:

  • Stay home if sick or not feeling well
  • Maintain social distancing when approaching the building, while inside and during departure.
  • Facemasks are recommended but not required for those that have been vaccinated, but are required for all others over the age of five, indoors and where social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Worshippers will be seated in the sanctuary to maintain social distancing.
    Those not wearing masks in worship are encouraged to sit toward the front of the church.
  • Cessation of the sharing of the peace within the center aisle in an effort to minimize contact
  • Suspension of the use of the common cup for Communion.
  • At the conclusion of the service, worshippers will be ushered out, pew by pew from the rear.

We pray for patience and understanding with these breaks from tradition. The intent is not to diminish the worship experience, but rather to be respectful of legitimate concerns over public safety and the sense that St. Lucas remains a dependably safe home for worship every week. Updates will be shared through email, Facebook and on this website.

The great hymn by Martin Luther, A Mighty Fortress is Our God, was written when Germany was experiencing an outbreak of the bubonic plague.  Thankfully, our situation is by no means as dire, but God is just as “a mighty fortress” as ever.  May we be fully trusting in God to preserve and protect us as we serve our neighbors in love.

St. Lucas Board of Elders