All-In Discipleship (cont)

What are All-in Disciples?

Having been touched by God’s love and moved by it, All-in Disciples are believers following a path to grow toward greater Christian maturity and discipleship to fulfill God’s mission here at St. Lucas and  beyond. All-in disciples are:

    • Loving – Love for God is our motivation to live as Christians in obedience to His word. Love for our neighbor leads us to connect them to Christ for salvation and also to teach them to enjoy His wisdom for their lives.
    • Faithful – Flowing from a high commitment to Christ and His church, we keep our commitments, are willing to receive encouragement and be held accountable.
    • Learning – All-in Disciples are continually discovering the beauty and power of the Gospel, the wisdom of the Bible for our lives, and how to work toward shared goals.
    • Daring – Willing to take steps in faith and obedience to God, try new things that are uncomfortable at first, and willing to have conversations that matter with others to encourage them toward Christian maturity.

The All-in Initiative provides a two-part resource for each habit:

  • Know – You will learn what God expects of His followers as described in the Bible .
  • Grow – Learn about the steps on your path, leading to maturity.

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