All-In Discipleship Prayer 2

Path Toward Maturity

  • Have a posture of prayer – Do what you need to be able to focus on your prayer. Kneel, stand, close your eyes, look to the heavens, whatever gets you focused on prayer. When your body is focused, it’s often easier for your soul to follow. If able, pray out loud. If a whisper helps you to focus, that’s often enough to keep your mind from wandering. C.S. Lewis once said, “The body ought to pray as well as the soul. Body and soul are both better for it.”
  • Pray Scripture – What a great way to start! If you have kids, do you remember what a joy it was teaching them to talk? What a joy it is to our Father to know that His children hear His words, cherish them, believe them to be true, and then speak them back to Him.” Many of our prayers may be “plagiarized” Scripture, and they become the words of our prayers, sometimes because the beautiful promises make our hearts sing, and sometimes it’s because all we can do is desperately cling to His words. “Show me Your glory” -Exodus 33:18. “Turn my eyes from worthless things” -Psalm 119:37. “Show me a sign of Your goodness” -Psalm 86:17. “Let no sin rule over me” -Psalm 119:133. “You are my Lord; apart from You I have no good thing” -Psalm 16:2.